Saturday, May 21, 2011

Studio and gardening updates

Hello everyone!

So at the moment once again no studio. My husband's car broke down so we had to make space to park in there. Grrrr... so the art part got stalled again. How frustrating. The car is fixed but the studio is now squished in a corner. Gah!

(Edit: I just realized how disorganized my thoughts are. LOL)

But on the bright news: We have lots of new plants and barrels!

My mother-in-law and I are working to have a garden that grows food all year round. Since the lemon tree gods already do grow all year round, I think we would like more than just lemons year round.

Anyway... to achieve at least part of the goal we have:

8 shiny wine barrels!

So here is the story that goes with these barrels: I live in a strange neighborhood. It is half residential and half industrial. At the end of the street there is a winery: La Honda Winery. We drove by them often but never seem to have a chance to go in. The winery just happened to bust open some wine barrels and selling them for $25. Since we are neighbors, we just walked down to the end of the block and bought them all!

Here are the half wine barrels coming outside.

... and since we live so close to them (like a block away literally) they drove the forklift all the way to our house! Ya I got film of that, but that needs editing. I will take more pictures of the barrels later. :)

What are we going to do with these? I have no freaking clue, but I think there are raspberries and blueberries calling dibs on 2 of them. :P

Speaking of berries... I planted 13 more strawberry plants to go with the 2 wild ones! :O I did that because 1) loves strawberries and 2) apparently there are garden slugs EATING my wild berries and my mint bush! :O So... I got some sluggo and sprinkled it around the strawberries and mint bush. I hope they will go away :(


dale's dreams said...

Betty, those wine barrels are so cool and what a deal you got on them. How about tomoatoes in one barrel?

Betty said...

Dale: Ya they are so cool! :D We already have 3 tomato plants already, along with some bell peppers, lettuce, 2 cucumber plants, 5 different kinds of basil, oregano, mint, and parsley. :D See as I said, we gotta think about them.

Susan said...

Your barrels are great! They'll help keep the snails and the dogs away from your plants. I can't wait to see pics of the garden in production :) Be careful the dogs don't eat the snail bait or they could die.

Betty said...

Thanks Susan! For now we are moving them around until we find a spot that we like. I hope that won't take too long!